Since ACEDELLY was founded in 2005, it has always been shining on the market with the name ACEDELLY Technology Co., Ltd.

ACEDELLY has an outstanding management team that upholds the business philosophy of proactive efficiency and professional service, and is based on the business model of being customer-oriented to quickly provide customers with various components, accessories and solutions. In order to solve the customer's problem in delivery times, we are the first in the industry to provide stocking service to allow customers to always grasp opportunities and solve the timeliness issue in the fiercely competitive and rapidly changing industry, achieving the goal of win-win.

The core philosophy of our business is professionalism, efficiency, service and trust; these are values that we have always been committed to.

Main sales products of ACEDELLY Technology Co., Ltd. include electronic components such as JST, HRS, TE, MOLEX and JAE, etc. With the flourishing of automobiles, motorcycles and automated machine tools, we have gradually introduced vehicle connectors including SUMITOMO, APTIV and YAZAKI. To make it more convenient for Taichung customers, we've added consumable electronic components such as automated cables and peripherals.

In order to satisfy broader customer needs in the future, we will continue working hard to add more convenient products and brands for customers in order to improve customer satisfaction continuously, and march towards a successful future hand-in-hand with our customers.


  • ACEDELLY was founded.


  • Added Vietnam Business Department.


  • Added Malaysian Business Department.


  • Added Philippines Business Department.


  • Added Deutshe, delphi, Sumitomo, TE and other vehicle connectors.
  • The official website is officially launched.


  • Added OKI High flex cable.


  • Newly added Taichung office in September.


  • New intelligent quotation system added in February.


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